Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter

The Estopinan Group is happy to share these articles from Vida Y Exito a premier publication for Central America and an article from The Sun paper in the United Kingdom.  These articles provide insight to our families efforts in advocating for those with rare diseases and creating health conscious awareness.

     These article reflects the many changes and improvements in our sons life due to years of taking experimental medications.  These medications play a vital role in Art Jr's life and in his daily progress.  Charlie 's parents reached out to us for help, their son has a similar rare disease in the UK.  However their laws are different- the Judge has ruled against the trial of these medications and in favor of removing all technologies keeping him alive.

    Our Easter and Passover message is asking our British friends to rule in favor of a three-month trial as an Easter gift; giving Charlie a chance to fight for his life.  We also plea that the Queen Elizabeth have compassion toward this unique case: #CharlieFights  


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