Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Joy & Peace for 2017

Our thoughts turn gratefully into those who've made this transition possible for our family and for The Estopinan Group's success.  It is in this spirit that we share our holiday wishes to you and yours.
We should emphasis our many blessings and pray for PEACE during these uncertain times when we are experiencing world wide terrorism.  Whether we refer to the atrocities in Syria by Al-Assad, the genocide for Christians and other minorities, trouble in the Middle East, or oppression by dictators in Iran, Turkey, Venezuela and Cuba (to name just a few)... our World is facing serious problems which need U.S. Leadership to help bring peace, justice and hope for millions of helpless people all over our planet.

May the holiday spirit unite us in spreading peace, love and prosperity worldwide for 2017!   

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Year in Transition

Seems like the perfect time for me to reflect on the humbling farewell reception hosted for me while concluding my congressional career of 27 years!  The journey was rewarding and fortunately I shared those times directly with you.  It is important for me to reiterate my appreciation towards those who contributed to this memory.  Distinguished Congressmen of multiple states and several Ambassadors were among the 150 guests of good friends and colleagues who were present at this extremely rewarding event.

I am genuinely touched by the emotions that were experienced this day; and I’m very lucky to have this memory.  I encourage you to take this opportunity to revisit your own accomplishments and realize that the transitions between milestones ultimately empower us to excel and to believe that the best is yet to come!  Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!!!

Farewell Reception Photos: Click here

Monday, November 28, 2016

Fidel’s Rein Ends! Possible Rebirth for Cuba’s Nation.

The death of Cuba’s dictator, Fidel Castro, represents an opportunity for the current Leaders to begin an evolutionary process of openness so that the Cuban people can design their future.  Although there are rumors regarding the structure Fidel expects his brother Raul Castro to carry out; Raul can potentially alter that regime after almost six decades. Their youth can now aspire to the hope and opportunities for a prosperous nation which have been lacking during the tyrannical Fidel Castro Regime.  The Cuban nation now needs to feel a sense of self-determination to overcome their fear for more of the same.  
Ironically, this transition for Cuba is occurring simultaneously with our new President Elect Trump.  Timing here can be an essential factor in potential economic growth and development for Cuba’s impoverished nation.  Focusing on human rights and developing institutional organizations to make legal and corporate resources available for businesses could ultimately provide this means for growth.  Although some Cubans on the island may not be prepared for change, those of us who see their nation from an outside perspective can see a potential for evolution coming soon!


Dear Friends and Colleagues-

This Thanksgiving we are giving thanks to GOD for allowing us to keep our little man, Art, Jr at home with us for three years now.  You see, four years ago this time we had to call a priest, Fr Tim Brown, SJ to administer the "last rites" as we did not believe that our little guy was going to be able to continue fighting for his short life; but right after the Holy Oil was placed on his forehead he opened his eyes and began a steady improvement; albeit rocky at times- but forward.

We are grateful that he is moving more with his arms, legs, hips, shoulders and fingers. He also has more energies as he is able to sit in his wheelchair and stand in his stander for longer period of times. In addition, we can hear him vocalize his key words: "mama," "papa," "Sparkey" (neighbor's cat), "Ana" (beloved caretaker), "abuela," "IPAD", "Lion King, and a couple others! Moreover, we can see his smiles and other facial expressions which are all coming back.  He still fights for his life against mucous plugs which block his airways- but he has maintained stability with his daily respiratory treatments every four hours. He is a strong little man, a FIGHTER and happy!

Olga and I also give Thanks to our Family and Friends who have been extremely supportive with his research at Columbia University Medical Center, accessible van and prayers.  Now we pray that one day he will no longer need his ventilator with the circuits which prevents us from holding and hugging Arturito. We realize that he needs all of his medical equipment to live, yet as parents we wish that we would be able to hold our son against our body to give him the warm and security that parents give their children. There are about 12 kids from all over the World on these experimental medications, like Arturity who have the hope to live and get stronger.  We have faith that these medical advances will improve his living conditions gradually.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Latinos in Trump's Administration

This upcoming year will inevitably bring many changes to our current administration due to our Republican President Elect.  This seems like it’s the perfect time for Mr. Trump to show his benevolence towards Latinos by offering us more opportunities in government.  The diversity of minorities plays an important role in our nation overall, particularly in our economy.  I believe that the inclusion of more Latino’s will allude to addressing needs affecting Latinos- such as the immigration concerns.

It will be important to emphasize the need of increasing jobs nationwide and qualified Latinos could significantly contribute to this essential factor.  Latinos in the new administration would also share a unique perspective into global concerns with regards to trade and worldwide relations.  I congratulate President Elect Trump and rest assured that his decisions towards the administrative selections will impact our nation in a positive way. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A largo plazo las políticas de Trump serían beneficiosas para EE.UU.

Preview YouTube video Intrevista- Analizando el caso de la posible victoria de Donald Trump

Analizando el caso de la posible victoria de Donald Trump en las elecciones presidenciales, el analista y presidente del grupo The Estopinan, Arturo Estopiñan, opina que a pesar de que inmediatamente después de las elecciones Wall Street pueda tener cierto miedo, "a largo plazo las políticas de Trump van a ser beneficiosas para EE.UU.".

Seoul, Korea Conference- Enhancing Asia-Europe Cooperation

During my visit to Seoul, Korea last week I experienced numerous impactful moments embracing change from multiple countries all in one room of the Future Consensus Institute at the Westin Chosun.   It was gratifying to see countries of such diverse cultures come together to discuss a multitude of topics surrounding economic growth coordinated by Chatham House and J Global. Listening to a wide variety of perspectives directly from the industry leaders infuses a strong sense compassion, urgency and overall togetherness that empowers action. 
My role at this forum, “Strategy and Vision for 21st Century Eurasia: Enhancing Asia-Europe Cooperation,” was one of United States representation, serving as an intermediary in analyzing proposed strategies and addressing feedback from Japan, China, Russia, and Korea. Their views to unite and expand economic growth in East Asia are key in increasing trade to produce economic growth worldwide.  These emerging nations discussed perspectives to help reduce tensions and decrease levels of conflict and also nurturing strategic partnerships between key actors in the region. I look forward to the accomplishment of the discussed propositions and am confident that global economic growth is well under way.

Madame Beauzile’s Vision, Ideas and Integrity to Rebuild Haiti are Powerful

Haiti will be voting for a new President on Sunday October 9, 2016 in a little over a month and one of the candidates that stands out is Madame Edmonde Beauzile who may become the country's FIRST elected Woman President. She has a long history of fighting for the Haitian People from the Parliament mainly as a Leader of the Opposition. Madame Beauzile wants to rebuilt Haiti after the devastating earthquake from 2010 which still has left the country paralyzed. She wants to focus on economic development to create jobs in the private sectors such as tourism, housing and manufacturing. In addition, she is a strong advocate for Social Reform such as education reform, health care availability and housing. Another important focus will be transparency,  she wants to fight corruption, crime and establish the rule of law in Haiti. These are tall goals but those who have met Madame Beauzile know that she is a tireless leader who loves her county and the Haitian people. She calls herself the "Alternative" candidate who has never been accused of corruption. Moreover, she would like to invite the Haitian Diaspora to return to Haiti so that they can help make Haiti a better place by bringing their professional expertise back and TOGETHER rebuilt the country. Also, she told me that she is especially proud of the support that the Haitian Youth has given her as they see her as a President of Haiti who will work for a better way of life and good opportunities for a brighter future in Haiti for the Haitian people. I am very happy to be one of her political consultants. Having breakfast with her in Miami on her way back to Port au Prince from the DNC Convention a few weeks ago she greatly impressed me with her humility, intelligence and her deep rooted desire to help her people by providing a better way of life for them. Being a Miami native, I have many successful Haitian pals and believe that with Madame Beauzile's Leadership the Haitian people will have an expanding economy, social reform and transparency which are her passion. I witnessed first hand during my recent trip to Haiti how the Haitian Youth respect and admire her Leadership and want to support her candidacy as they believe in her work. Hope that you can inform your friends and colleagues that this OCT 9 everyone should support Madame Beauzile for President of Haiti. Thank YOU.