Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Opportunities in Congress

Mr. Estopinan is exploring the opportunity of running for the 27th Congressional District in the State of Florida to follow his former boss, mentor and friend, Congresswoman Ileana Ros- Lehtinen.  He had the privilege of serving as a senior advisor to her for twenty-seven years, mainly as her Chief of Staff in the Washington, DC office. "I know first hand the challenges that our community faces, and because of my experience and understanding of how the legislative process works, I will be an effective voice in the United States Congress for South Florida" says Mr. Estopinan. 

"There are a host of serious and immediate issues to address in our nation and our community, including: Healthcare Reform saving Medicaid benefits and pre-existing medical conditions; and Tax Reform to allow economic growth and increase jobs for the middle class.  There are also environmental concerns that need to be addressed, such as the sea level rising that threatens our shore lines.  We must also secure our borders with Immigration Reform; Social Security and Medicare benefits for our Seniors must be protected and Education Reform to ensure that our students, at all levels, are well prepared to compete in today’s global economy- especially in mathematics and sciences. Of equal importance, working with the rest of the Congressional delegation to secure federal funding for transportation to help unclog our roadways which are constantly congested.  As far as international issues of importance that I would like to concentrate on from a US National Securities point of view, including: the Safety and Security of the State of Israel, promoting economic growth in the Western Hemisphere, reinforcing our strong alliances in Asia and cementing our long seated relationships in the European Union." 

"The Congresswoman’s shoes are big to fill, however, I am confident that with my previous experience and strong determination I am ready for the task at hand," says Art.  This is a timely opportunity and we look forward to the process.