Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Reflecting on the importance of effective communication

There are moments throughout your career where you significantly benefit from the power of effective communication and human contact.  Throughout the past several days, I gathered an impressive perspective towards the need that Puerto Rico has in building their overall economy.  From meetings in the White House, to personally visiting the island; the message of inclusion and equality is clear.

     Representing New World Group Advocacy with Jerry Weller and Dave Miller, we meet key members of Congress with the Puerto Rican Private Sector Coalition to discuss numerous pressing topics.  At the top of the agenda: tax reform legislation to create jobs for Puerto Rico.  We also effectively communicated the need for changes to the Medicaid Cliff and are fortunate to proceed with briefings to satisfy our ongoing research.

     Later in Old San Juan, I had the opportunity to interact with former colleagues and multiple business leaders sharing the same vision.  Attending the Bienvenido Reception for Congressman Sean Duffy allowed for a gracious conclusion to the visit.  Our efforts in gathering equitable results for the beautiful island of Puerto Rico are solidified by the simplicity of the human contact and I am eager to see fruitful results in the very near future.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Diversity in Peace Leaders

The Washington Times Foundation and the Universal Peace Foundation sponsored an impressive World Summit 2017 with political and peace leaders from all corners of the world.

It was an extraordinary experience to enjoy several days in Seoul, South Korea surrounded by leaders of peace!  The World Summit advocates universal morals and principles with a strong commitment to overcoming our differences.  The focus is on the simplicity of nature and carrying those common elements that we share; finding creative ways of relating similarities and nurturing an overall sense of interfaith uniting us as families sharing the universe together.

To embrace these powerful messages- multiple leaders in the civic society from former and current state and government realms were invited to enlighten us with views on human development, peace and security.  Addressing the critical challenges of our time was emphasized throughout my visit in Korea.  Most discussions revolved around movements to help us understand our differences, because in doing so, we'd realize that the core principles have far more in common.