Monday, November 28, 2016

Fidel’s Rein Ends! Possible Rebirth for Cuba’s Nation.

The death of Cuba’s dictator, Fidel Castro, represents an opportunity for the current Leaders to begin an evolutionary process of openness so that the Cuban people can design their future.  Although there are rumors regarding the structure Fidel expects his brother Raul Castro to carry out; Raul can potentially alter that regime after almost six decades. Their youth can now aspire to the hope and opportunities for a prosperous nation which have been lacking during the tyrannical Fidel Castro Regime.  The Cuban nation now needs to feel a sense of self-determination to overcome their fear for more of the same.  
Ironically, this transition for Cuba is occurring simultaneously with our new President Elect Trump.  Timing here can be an essential factor in potential economic growth and development for Cuba’s impoverished nation.  Focusing on human rights and developing institutional organizations to make legal and corporate resources available for businesses could ultimately provide this means for growth.  Although some Cubans on the island may not be prepared for change, those of us who see their nation from an outside perspective can see a potential for evolution coming soon!

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