Monday, November 28, 2016


Dear Friends and Colleagues-

This Thanksgiving we are giving thanks to GOD for allowing us to keep our little man, Art, Jr at home with us for three years now.  You see, four years ago this time we had to call a priest, Fr Tim Brown, SJ to administer the "last rites" as we did not believe that our little guy was going to be able to continue fighting for his short life; but right after the Holy Oil was placed on his forehead he opened his eyes and began a steady improvement; albeit rocky at times- but forward.

We are grateful that he is moving more with his arms, legs, hips, shoulders and fingers. He also has more energies as he is able to sit in his wheelchair and stand in his stander for longer period of times. In addition, we can hear him vocalize his key words: "mama," "papa," "Sparkey" (neighbor's cat), "Ana" (beloved caretaker), "abuela," "IPAD", "Lion King, and a couple others! Moreover, we can see his smiles and other facial expressions which are all coming back.  He still fights for his life against mucous plugs which block his airways- but he has maintained stability with his daily respiratory treatments every four hours. He is a strong little man, a FIGHTER and happy!

Olga and I also give Thanks to our Family and Friends who have been extremely supportive with his research at Columbia University Medical Center, accessible van and prayers.  Now we pray that one day he will no longer need his ventilator with the circuits which prevents us from holding and hugging Arturito. We realize that he needs all of his medical equipment to live, yet as parents we wish that we would be able to hold our son against our body to give him the warm and security that parents give their children. There are about 12 kids from all over the World on these experimental medications, like Arturity who have the hope to live and get stronger.  We have faith that these medical advances will improve his living conditions gradually.

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