Thursday, November 10, 2016

Seoul, Korea Conference- Enhancing Asia-Europe Cooperation

During my visit to Seoul, Korea last week I experienced numerous impactful moments embracing change from multiple countries all in one room of the Future Consensus Institute at the Westin Chosun.   It was gratifying to see countries of such diverse cultures come together to discuss a multitude of topics surrounding economic growth coordinated by Chatham House and J Global. Listening to a wide variety of perspectives directly from the industry leaders infuses a strong sense compassion, urgency and overall togetherness that empowers action. 
My role at this forum, “Strategy and Vision for 21st Century Eurasia: Enhancing Asia-Europe Cooperation,” was one of United States representation, serving as an intermediary in analyzing proposed strategies and addressing feedback from Japan, China, Russia, and Korea. Their views to unite and expand economic growth in East Asia are key in increasing trade to produce economic growth worldwide.  These emerging nations discussed perspectives to help reduce tensions and decrease levels of conflict and also nurturing strategic partnerships between key actors in the region. I look forward to the accomplishment of the discussed propositions and am confident that global economic growth is well under way.

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