Thursday, November 10, 2016

Madame Beauzile’s Vision, Ideas and Integrity to Rebuild Haiti are Powerful

Haiti will be voting for a new President on Sunday October 9, 2016 in a little over a month and one of the candidates that stands out is Madame Edmonde Beauzile who may become the country's FIRST elected Woman President. She has a long history of fighting for the Haitian People from the Parliament mainly as a Leader of the Opposition. Madame Beauzile wants to rebuilt Haiti after the devastating earthquake from 2010 which still has left the country paralyzed. She wants to focus on economic development to create jobs in the private sectors such as tourism, housing and manufacturing. In addition, she is a strong advocate for Social Reform such as education reform, health care availability and housing. Another important focus will be transparency,  she wants to fight corruption, crime and establish the rule of law in Haiti. These are tall goals but those who have met Madame Beauzile know that she is a tireless leader who loves her county and the Haitian people. She calls herself the "Alternative" candidate who has never been accused of corruption. Moreover, she would like to invite the Haitian Diaspora to return to Haiti so that they can help make Haiti a better place by bringing their professional expertise back and TOGETHER rebuilt the country. Also, she told me that she is especially proud of the support that the Haitian Youth has given her as they see her as a President of Haiti who will work for a better way of life and good opportunities for a brighter future in Haiti for the Haitian people. I am very happy to be one of her political consultants. Having breakfast with her in Miami on her way back to Port au Prince from the DNC Convention a few weeks ago she greatly impressed me with her humility, intelligence and her deep rooted desire to help her people by providing a better way of life for them. Being a Miami native, I have many successful Haitian pals and believe that with Madame Beauzile's Leadership the Haitian people will have an expanding economy, social reform and transparency which are her passion. I witnessed first hand during my recent trip to Haiti how the Haitian Youth respect and admire her Leadership and want to support her candidacy as they believe in her work. Hope that you can inform your friends and colleagues that this OCT 9 everyone should support Madame Beauzile for President of Haiti. Thank YOU.

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