Monday, June 11, 2018

Latin American Elections: A Time to Celebrate or Worry?

Latin American Elections: A Time to Celebrate or Worry?

This Sunday, elections will be held by a crucial US ally, Colombia. The eyes of the Latin America community will be focused on this election as one presidential candidate will drive that country to further economic growth and development and stronger trade relations with the US; while the left of center presidential candidate's rise to power would negatively affect the US interests for National Security and Trade Relations.

In Nicaragua, the tides have begun to change on an Ortega Administration that has resorted to violence against protesters killing over 70. A new wave of entrepreneurs and leaders is looking to reformers like Christiana Chamorro, the daughter of former president Violeta Chamorro, to lead the path towards a better and more prosperous Nicaragua.

Another significant election will take place on July 1st as a key US neighbor, Mexico holds its presidential elections. The latest polls show a widening margin by the leftist candidates with over a quarter of the electorate still undecided in an election that is bound to set US-Mexico policy for years to come. 

The electoral results can easily be manipulated, but the will of the people to find freedom is more powerful than any tyrant.
Vice President Mike Pence Addresses the OAS

I was honored to join US Ambassador Carlos Trujillo and many others at the OAS for Vice President Pence's important speech on the Trump Administration's vision for increased democracy throughout Latin America. This is an important step in helping the millions of Latin Americans seeking a brighter future.
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